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Broadchurch crossover fanfiction

Broadchurch crossovers with Torchwood (Pete's World)/Doctor Who - 
New stories are listed first

Stay out of my way

Rose Tyler offers Torchwood's help when a young girl has been killed in Sandbrook. Alec Hardy agrees as long as she stays out of his way when they're not working - as if that's going to happen. The case is solved and after getting together for a short time, Alec breaks it off saying she's too young. Then Rose goes to tell him he has a baby daughter when he gets to Broadchurch.

Wanting a relaxing break, Rose Tyler decides to visit Broadchurch, after trying to avoid meeting a certain Alec Hardy but she has to report she's in town as part of her safety arrangements. It's almost Christmas and Alec's daughter is going to be away so he decides to risk everything and ask Rose to stay with him but it doesn't turn out quite as he expected.

Alec Hardy has been followed to Broadchurch by Lee Ashworth, the main suspect in the Sandbrook case that fell apart. Lee sees 11 yr old Danny Latimer with his friend's dad, Danny recognises him so Lee chases after him then accidentally strikes him with a boat oar and kills him instantly. Lee then finds the perfect scapegoat but Rose Tyler comes to town and spoils his plans.

Where am I?

Alec Hardy has gone for his pacemaker operation after sneaking out of court. Rose Tyler has been attending a conference in Exeter but is taken ill, needing her appendix taking out. They are both laid side by side in the recovery room, Alec saying he had been attending the Broadchurch trial but now, they are both discussing being called to the other side when they think they've died.

Rose Tyler meets the grumpy newly returned DI Alec Hardy in Broadchurch when Rose is made the Torchwood liaison with the Wessex police, based in the town but Jackie is missing her daughter and gets a driver to take her for a visit. Rose has arranged to have a few days off but gets an emergency call so it's up to Alec to keep Jackie and Rose's younger brother entertained for the day. The only problem is, Rose had not told her mother she and Alec live together so Alec has to pretend he lives elsewhere.
Based loosely on an episode of 'The Closer'

We must stop meeting like this

Rose Tyler, who never met The Doctor is newly qualified as a paramedic and is sent to the town of Broadchurch a few years before Danny is found on the beach. She is the one who has to attend and meets the gruff newly-arrived Alec Hardy but they keep on meeting and each time, Alec is more annoyed until Rose is the one who has to take him to hospital when he collapses in his bathroom. Can he convince her to keep his secret?

In the aftermath of the murder investigation, the Broadchurch town council hastily organise a beauty pageant to bring the visitors back. Rose Tyler and her mother are taking a cheap late break and Rose decides to enter. Alec Hardy is put in charge of overseeing the event but doesn't know he's part of the prize - he has to dine with the winner and present the £500 prize money.

Alec Hardy is dismayed the circus has come to Broadchurch and he and his DS are put in charge of making sure they comply with local laws. He watches as a blonde trapeze artist is practising, who is Rose Tyler, the owner's daughter and he thinks it may not be so bad after all. Things go wrong though while she's trying to impress him after Rose falls in love with him.

Rose Tyler has become a singer, something she always wanted to do. She has hired a decoy called Mandy and is on location in the Dorset seaside town of Broadchurch making a new pop video and is due to attend the local music festival when she has finished filming. When Mandy is found on the beach, Alec Hardy has to investigate but he soon thinks that Rose is the intended target of a jealous fan and has to keep her safe.

Rose Tyler has had enough of men after being abused by one and convinces her long suffering best friend Shareen to move with her to Broadchurch and pretend they are together to keep the men away. They have been there two months when they get a new neighbour, DI Alec Hardy and when they have been out one night, Shareen goes off with a sailor who's on leave and Rose, who is slightly drunk disturbs Alec and they end up sleeping together after Rose invites him for dinner to thank him for helping her.

Rose Tyler was passing through the town of Sandbrook on her way home from a conference and spends the night with Alec Hardy after going to report she had a minor accident with another car. Nine months later, a few days before Christmas, she travels to Broadchurch to tell him he's become a dad. Will he accept it?

Rose Tyler is well known as the Vitex heiress so as Alec Hardy leaves Broadchurch he wants to know why the spoiled rich girl, who after she passed her exams to be a DC asks to be sent to the town. Rose is bitterly disappointed and can't get a transfer to Sandbrook. Ellie Miller thinks it's just her luck she comes back to have to train Rose but even more that Hardy comes back as suddenly as he leaves when he has second thoughts he can survive in Sandbrook.

A ripple in time

Rose has gone on another mission to try to find the Doctor when they are getting signs they have found the right universe. She stands in position to go but instead of her surroundings fading then she normally closes her eyes, she is still in the same place - or is she? Alec Hardy, who she had fallen in love with after trying to come to terms that he's not the Doctor who had run off and left her comes dashing towards her with a two year old girl in his arms who is struggling to get to her. Now they are faced with keeping the secret of a ripple in time to stop Torchwood discovering what happened to her and using it to their advantage.

Rose Tyler finally finds the Doctor but as he tries to leave his clone with her, the clone dives back into the Tardis, saying he can't stay with her. Years later, Rose is convinced a detective she sees on TV is him and goes to Broadchurch without telling anyone. Alec Hardy is intrigued when she says she knows him and goes along with it but how long can he keep up the pretence?

Rose and Alec's Beach picnic

Rose Tyler has been in Broadchurch since meeting Alec Hardy at a charity function and she moves in with him to his riverside chalet on the harbour. Alec doesn't think Rose believes he can be romantic so he ropes Ellie Miller into helping him surprise Rose with an intimate picnic on the beach for her birthday. Ellie is less than pleased at being asked.

Rose Tyler and the Duplicate Doctor were together for 4 years before his single heart gave out, leaving Rose with their 18 month old daughter Camille. Rose buys a beach cottage down in Broadchurch, thinking Alec Hardy would have left town but they meet on the way and Camille thinks he's her dad. Alec then discovers he does indeed look like her dad and doesn't take it very well.

Rose Tyler has been with Alec Hardy for six months in the home they share by the river in Broadchurch and Rose is now 6 weeks pregnant. He has not told her he's been hiding Claire Ripley from her husband. As Rose is sat by the river one morning while Alec is off boring new recruits, Claire pays a visit and sparks fly. Can Alec convince Rose there was nothing between him and Claire?

Alec Hardy thought his old boss in Broadchurch was asking a lot. She had conned him into attending a New Year's Eve charity function at a top London hotel hosted by Rose Tyler and her mother and he really didn't want to go but since all expenses were being paid, he begrudgingly agreed. Then he was introduced to Rose herself and he knew his life would never be the same again.

Beth Latimer wants to remember Danny as Christmas approaches so she persuades the Broadchurch council to get someone famous to light the Christmas tree by the harbour and hire some entertainment. Rose Tyler has been asked to do the honours and Alec Hardy has been given the task of looking after her during her visit. What can possibly happen?

Torchwood is taken over by Yvonne Hartman and although Pete tries to protect Rose, she starts to order an enquiry into where Rose came from as he has convinced Yvonne and everyone else that Jackie is the original one, recovering from being held by the Cybermen. Rose has been harder to explain and to avoid being imprisoned and taken apart to see how she ticks as she can't be sent home, he sends her off to Broadchurch and Alec Hardy, who isn't all he appears to be so no-one can find her.

Ellie Miller is back in Broadchurch but needs to still travel so she hires Rose Tyler, who's new in the town to look after her youngest son. Alec Hardy has been accepted back to work but has nowhere go so Ellie offers to put him up in her loft but has no idea her boss has taken a liking to her child-minder and threatens to dismiss Rose when she suspects they are seeing each other.

Rose Tyler is the daughter of arcade boss Pete Tyler in the seaside town of Broadchurch. Rose is in danger when Jack Harkness, Pete's arcade rival goes after her to get in on his plans for the town after DI Alec Hardy arrives and falls in love with Rose. Harkness's plan is going sour so he makes one last desperate attempt to get to Pete and is planning to get Hardy out of his way.

Rose Tyler is on her way to a new life with her six month old son when her car breaks down just outside Broadchurch. Alec Hardy stops to help her and calls a breakdown truck then offers her a ride into the town. Rose says she can't afford to pay for her car being repaired and he offers to help her in return for her looking after his new house while he's at work. Having nothing to get back to, Rose agrees and very soon, they become a family when she doesn't want to leave but Alec gets worried when the baby's father wants to see him and take him out. Alec wants the role of being Jack's father, making it difficult for Rose to choose.

Rose Tyler is on her way back to London on a foggy night and sees a hotel lit up on the main road. Alec Hardy has come back to Broadchurch after seeing his daughter and gets the last room but when Rose is offered the hotel's sofa, Alec instead offers to give her his room when she says she knows who he is. Needless to say, he stays the night and the next morning, nature takes over. She tells him who she is and two weeks later, Alec calls Torchwood when strange lights are seen out at sea.

Just before the resolve of Danny's murder, the Broadchurch harbour newsagents shop is up for sale or lease, having been emptied hastily. Rose Tyler wants to open a coffee shop offering free wireless internet and gets permission from the local council but it's Alec Hardy's job to make sure it doesn't bring trouble to the town since he's persuaded his boss to let him work part-time until his surgery after being found out.

Rose Tyler, who is attached to the Broadchurch police gets her first real assignment with Alec Hardy, whom she had been trying to avoid since she got there. They both have to set aside their differences and pose as a couple when their boss puts them on local prestige housing complex when suspected terrorists move in. Will they get on or will Alec want a 'Divorce' when it's all over?

Rose Tyler finally gets back to The Doctor after six years in the alternate universe's time to find he has regenerated after she and the duplicate Doctor, who had got the dimension cannon working again split up but she leaves him and goes to live by the sea in a town called Broadchurch. Alec Hardy has just got a transfer from Sandbrook and the two of them meet when Rose befriends Claire Ripley whom Alec is hiding from her husband.

What if after each Doctor regenerated, they lived on in other lives? The 4th Doctor was a curator, the 5th a cricketer and what if ten was somehow transported across the void to become a detective inspector, finding himself in Broadchurch and discovering he has an ex wife and a daughter whom he's never met and a whole life and no memory of being a Timelord?
He has certain memories and knows to contact Rose, who reluctantly goes to the town when a young boy has been killed after the Doctor, now Alec Hardy contacts Torchwood. She can't tell him who he is when he knows something is wrong in case he's not really the Doctor but can she help him in other ways and can she save him when they discover he is ill?

Tendencies of becoming a Timelord

Sequel to 'Alec Hardy and the Doctor's son' the story continues when two years later, Rose and Alec have settled down and got married, Alec has adopted her son but things don't go smoothly when at the age of six, John is showing tendencies of becoming like his real father and Alec doesn't take it very well.
Tired and alone, Rose Tyler arrives in Broadchurch six months pregnant with the Doctor's child. Alec Hardy takes pity on her when he finds her sitting in the bus shelter near his riverside chalet and offers her his spare room when she leads him to believe she has very little money and finds himself falling in love with her but will he change his mind when he finds out the truth?

Rose lied to the Doctor the day she said goodbye, she was pregnant with his child when she got rescued by Pete. The doctors at Torchwood were worried she wouldn't be able to carry the baby but three years later, Rose and her 3 yr old son John have moved to Broadchurch and meet Alec Hardy as he arrives in town just when the boy needs a bone marrow donor and Alec is a match.
Alec Hardy thought he was going to be alone this year in Broadchurch for Christmas. His DS had moved to Weymouth and he had just recovered from a life saving heart op. He thought of trying to find his daughter until Rose Tyler walked into his life when her brother wanted a tour of the Police Station.

Last in a the 'Lost love' series which followed Rose meeting Alec, leaving him when he wouldn't get himself fixed then her return, 6 months pregnant. Now settled down with their baby son in Broadchurch, they travel to London for baby's first Christmas but Alec is feeling overwhelmed. Will Rose calm him down or make things worse when a pink paper hat brings up the past?
  • Part 3 of A lost love
    • Alone in the world with just a friend

      • Rose Tyler gets back from yet another dimension jump and finds herself in Canary Wharf right where Torchwood Tower should stand. She gets a taxi to her home to find the gates chained up and no house. She slowly realises she's on the wrong world when she makes her way to the coach station to go find the only person who might still help her - if she can convince this Alec Hardy to help her and evade being captured for the death of the Tyler family and the destruction of Torchwood.
      •  Prequel to 'A lost love returns' this gives the back story to Rose's decision to return to Alec Hardy when she leaves him because he won't get himself fixed. It follows how Rose and Alec fell in love when he almost knocks her brother over and the events leading up to her moving in with him to their riverside chalet in Broadchurch.
        • Part 2 of A lost love
          • Alec Hardy is out of the Broadchurch police and on teaching duty at the academy in Exeter, pending him getting a date for his heart surgery. Rose Tyler has been sent by her stepfather to join law-enforcement, him wanting a police presence within Torchwood and Rose has to work her way up on her own merits. Sparks fly when she's put in Alec's class, Rose always disrupting him but she learns about his illness and she mellows and they become more than friends.
        • Rose Tyler meets Alec Hardy outside her building then again at the Broadchurch local school summer fete but it takes her three weeks to find out who he is despite her friend Ellie telling Rose about her new boss. Only when Rose catches the 'flu does she find out who he really is and Alec Hardy takes it upon himself to look after her then they dance around each other afterwards.
          • Rose, the Doctor and the Detective 

          • Rose and the Doctor take a break in Broadchurch and come face to face with Alec Hardy, who is new in town. Ellie Miller thinks she is seeing double when she sees Rose with who she thinks is a clean shaven detective she has just left in the station. The two are never seen together so she and Becca Fisher think Hardy is doing a Superman/Clark Kent on them but who will Rose chose?
          • Follow up to 'Rose defends Alec Hardy'. Rose and Alec Hardy eventually get married and settle down in Broadchurch until Alec's past comes back to haunt him from the unsolved case he was running away from and Rose has to defend her husband from those who were on the case including his ex wife. Can be read separately but makes more sense if the first part is read.
            Rose Tyler is about to get married to a famous Scottish actor who is currently on filming location over in Las Vegas then meets her fiancé's double on holiday and to avoid the press, uses poor Alec Hardy, who is less than pleased he has been chosen and grumpy with it as a decoy to throw them off the scent.
          • Rose Tyler (who never met The Doctor) has been Broadchurch for two years after deciding to move there after a fallout with her boyfriend and gets a job as an filing clerk at the local Police Station. All hell breaks loose when new DI Alec Hardy, with a grumpy disposition from out of town arrives and everyone is against him, except for her. Will he tell her his secret?
            • Part 1 of Rose defends Alec Hardy
            • Rose and Alec's passionate weekend

              • What would have happened in 'Rose Tyler moves to Broadchurch' if, after seeing each other in the hotel dining room the first weekend Rose visited prior to moving there, she would have spent the weekend with Alec Hardy in his room and not mentioning to him she was coming back? Gives an alternate look on the way most things would have turned out, with the same happy ending.

                Rose Tyler moves to Broadchurch

              • AU - Rose Tyler was a normal 27 year old from London who never met The Doctor. She lost the love of her life in an accident and vowed she'd never love again but then she moved to a small seaside town called Broadchurch and learned to love again with Alec Hardy, not realizing he looked like who she had told Alec was her dead fiancé until her mother points it out. What will she do?
                • Part 1 of Rose Tyler moves to Broadchurch
                • Rose was not abandoned

                  Rose Tyler is in the alternate universe 8 years after the events of 'Doomsday' and arrives in Broadchurch, books in at a hotel and has an encounter with Alec Hardy. She tells him she's not staying and he goes to get her back after finding out who she really is but will he change his mind when told the truth? She finally finds out she was not abandoned by the Doctor after all.

                • Rose Tyler comes to Broadchurch to avoid her new status of being the Vitex heiress when someone discovers there was no Rose Tyler ever born and threatens to expose her as an alien in a xenophobic world so Pete enlists the help of a small town police force to keep her hidden, putting Alec Hardy in charge of it. There's just one catch – he's to be her new husband. Inspired by Alec Hardy putting Claire Ripley into unofficial witness protection.
                • Rose Tyler witnesses a murder on a beach in Broadchurch. The killer is after her as she has identified someone to Alec Hardy but it was dark, the killer could have been one of several men or women of the same height and build and it's up to Hardy to keep her safe.
                  The only problem – Rose is reluctant to be taken into protective custody.
                • Emmett Carver is a famous American actor who gets the part of playing Alec Hardy in a TV series about the Danny Latimer case. When he gets to Broadchurch though, the real Alec Hardy makes it tough on him by not co-operating. Then his leading lady arrives – famous actress Rose Tyler and the two of them compete for her affections. Partly based on real events of filming in West Bay for series two of Broadchurch.
                • Rose Tyler is tired of living in London and takes a job for the season in hotel in a small seaside town called Broadchurch. Alec Hardy is kicked out of his job after a case he was working on goes wrong and is being punished by being sent to the south coast. A heart condition and a cheeky hotel maid are not the best of combinations as Alec soon finds out.
                • Rose Tyler (who never met the Doctor) and Alec Hardy moved to Broadchurch with their 3 yr old daughter Kelly after he was offered a promotion when Kelly was a baby. They lived happily until one day after Kelly started nursery school, Alec gets caught up in the disappearance of his own daughter when someone from Rose's past kidnaps her. Inspired by the Gracepoint episode where Tom Miller goes missing and Ellie thanks Carver for his help.
                • After finding the hand he lost in a jar, the Doctor pours some of his regeneration energy into it and creates a clone when he is shot by a Dalek. He then leaves his clone in the universe Rose Tyler is now in at his request. There is one snag – the clone Doctor doesn't want anything to do with him and he doesn't remember Rose. He takes the new name of Alec Hardy and ends up working in Broadchurch. The ultimate 'Is Alec Hardy The Doctor story'
                • It was 2013 on Pete's world. Rose Tyler had gone to Broadchurch for a short holiday and fallen in love with Alec Hardy. Pete establishes a local branch of Torchwood for her to help Alec with the Danny Latimer case but just as it is coming to an end, Rose and Alec have to cross over to Rose's original world to help the Doctor and his companions stop the stars going out.
                • Rose Tyler was driving back from Exeter and her car skids off the road near Broadchurch. She is taken to the local hospital and wakes to see a tall man with a scruffy beard sitting at her bedside. Rose has no memory of how she got there or who she is apart from her name. Alec Hardy takes her back to his chalet by the river and helps her get her memory back while her family arrive.
                • Alec Hardy is all alone, just coming out of hospital and tries ringing his daughter. There is one week to Christmas and she's not answering her phone. Something tells her this one call from him is important so she answers it and agrees to travel to Broadchurch to spend the holidays with him. When he gets back to the hotel from the hospital, Rose Tyler has just checked in.
                • DS Rose Tyler (who never met The Doctor) has been promised a promotion on return from her 2 weeks holiday to save her marriage to Mickey Smith, only to find a grumpy Alec Hardy, new to Broadchurch beat her to it. Despite their initial hate for each other, they begin an affair when she suspects her husband is responsible for a local boy's death and thinks he's the one cheating. Inspired by the defence team's suggestion in series two that Hardy and Miller were having an affair during the murder investigation.
                • The Doctor takes Rose and her mother to a small coastal town in Dorset while he goes back to London to send the Daleks and Cybermen back into the void but when he comes back for her after getting his timing wrong again, Rose has fallen in love with Alec Hardy. Will she go back to travelling with him in the Tardis?
                • Following on from 'Rose Tyler's new life, their journey continues as they marry and settle down in a small village just outside Broadchurch and plan to start a family. All is not settled though, there are some surprises, excitement and scares for the newlyweds and the first birthday present that Rose buys Alec Hardy just after they met comes into its own.
                  • Part 3 of New life

                  • Rose and Alec's first meeting

                  • Rose Tyler arrives in Broadchurch in search of a new life with very little money after she loses her job. She'd met a mysterious man who had somehow managed to blow up the store and he'd asked her to go with him in his time machine. She said no and thought he was trying to pick her up. She fell out with her boyfriend over it so she packed up and left and meets Alec Hardy.
                • A romantic story from 'Rose Tyler's new life' Which should be read first up to Chapter 9. Takes place during Chapter 9 when Alec Hardy asks Rose if he can stay the night with her and leads her towards the stairs. The reader should refer to the main story as it is not a standalone and fills in some of the gaps of their growing relationship not covered in the main story.
                  • Part 2 of New life
                    • Rose Tyler's new life

                      This is the story of what happened when Rose Tyler, with no means of her getting back to her own world decided to stop pining after the Doctor. She chose to get on with the life she had been handed and met a certain grumpy Alec Hardy at her newly opened shop in a town called Broadchurch and after a case of mistaken identity changed both their lives for the better.
                      • Part 1 of New life
                        • Alec Hardy and rookie reporter

                          During the Broadchurch murder, Rose Tyler comes across information about a woman from the caravan site and is threatened unless she stops digging. When she goes to DS Miller, she is told the police don't have the time so she digs deeper and is confronted outside her apartment. She then goes to Alec Hardy who is very interested and they become involved.

                          Rose Tyler, who never met 'The Doctor' wanted to be a policewoman since she was little. Now she is qualified and sailed through the ranks to become a DS and has been moved to the small coastal town of Broadchurch and is awaiting another promotion to DI but her hopes are dashed when gruff DI Alec Hardy gets her job. The said DI has obviously never met a Tyler woman before.

                          Rose Tyler comes back from another dimension jump to an empty Torchwood Tower. Everything and everyone is gone and she barely gets out. She goes to what had been her home to find the original Jackie still alive and Pete has never met her but he takes pity on her and gives her some money. She sees Alec Hardy on TV and thinks he's the Doctor and makes her way to Broadchurch.

                          Alec Hardy had just been appointed to the Broadchurch Police department after no-one else would take him. He has a secret to keep that his superiors can never know and he wasn't looking for a friend or an enemy and he found both. Can his new friend Rose Tyler keep his secret when she is his enemy's best friend and can he keep hers?

                          Alec Hardy is on medical leave but worms his way back in a few hours while waiting for his op. Then Rose Tyler, an investigative journalist arrives in Broadchurch and sets out to make his life a misery until they get tangled up in a love affair while she is still trying to get the lowdown on him.

                          Rose Tyler (who never gets back to the Doctor) wants to make a different life for herself. She qualifies as a nursery school teacher and takes a post in a small town called Broadchurch and meets gruff detective Alec Hardy who doesn't want to be there and then gets involved with her after a one night stand when he thinks she's leaving town. Set in the AU.

                          Follow up to 'Alec Hardy and the missing heiress' which should be read first to make sense. Alec has just solved the Broadchurch murder and he and Rose Tyler are about to set off to join her parents in Majorca. Things are about to be turned into turmoil however as the trial of the boy's killer takes a turn for the worse as accusations fly and their is love put to the test.

                          Rose Tyler has been missing for over four years, presumed dead after she went in search of her own world and never came back. Mickey and Jake both went after her and also never made it back. Her parents and brother went into seclusion after they lost her. She turns up on the beach in Broadchurch and Alec Hardy helps her get her life back together again. Set in the AU.

                          AU - Rose Tyler (who never met The Doctor) is sent to the south coast of England by the bank she works for to follow a couple who take out loans in different names then vanish. They were last seen in Dorset and Rose travels to Broadchurch and she has to work with Alec Hardy, reluctantly. When Rose is in danger, Hardy has to put aside their differences to rescue her.

                          Rose Tyler (who never met 'The Doctor') moved to Broadchurch 4 years ago. Her friend Ellie Miller goes on a holiday, telling Rose she's in for a promotion when she gets back but a male DI called Alec Hardy gets it instead. Ellie is gutted and sets out to hate the man until she introduces Rose to him and they fall in love. What will Rose do? Choose between Ellie or Ellie's boss?

                          Rose Tyler, (who never met The Doctor) is a reporter with a large London newspaper who goes to cover a story of two girls, 1 murdered, 1 missing in Sandbrook. The case fell apart because of Alec Hardy. Going back to London, Rose never gives up on the families of the girls and is determined to make sure they get justice. Then she is sent to cover another murder – in Broadchurch.

                          AU - During the trial, Alec Hardy and Ellie Miller return to Broadchurch to find the fair has set up. Reluctantly, Alec stops to let Fred go on a ride and then tries to win him a prize on the darts where fairground girl Rose Tyler thinks the two are a couple. Alec soon corrects her and they quickly fall in love much to Ellie's and Tess's dismay. Inspired by the fairground scene in series 2 episode 5.

                          Rose Tyler had been attending a conference in Glasgow for her stepfather just before Christmas. Trying desperately to find any way to get home, she takes a long route but ends up sitting next to Alec Hardy on the long train journey and gets stranded in Broadchurch in a snowstorm. Set in the AU.

                          Six months after Danny Latimer's death, Alec Hardy had been trying to cope with life after the investigation and the loss of his love – Rose Tyler when she leaves him behind in Broadchurch to go back home when she can't bear the fact he won't do anything about getting his operation. The trial is over and as he is packing to leave his chalet when he finds her on his doorstep.

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