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Rose and Alec's Valentine picnic

Rose Tyler has been in Broadchurch since meeting Alec Hardy at a charity function and she moves in with him to his riverside chalet on the harbour. Alec doesn't think Rose believes he can be romantic for Valentines Day so he ropes Ellie Miller into helping him surprise Rose with an intimate picnic on the beach. Ellie is less than pleased at being asked.

Chapter 1
Ever since Alec had met his gorgeous girlfriend at a New Year's Eve charity event and she'd brought him back to Broadchurch, they had stayed in his riverside home for two months, not being able to find anywhere to live they both liked. Alec had wormed his way back to work a few hours a day, telling his boss she owed him for representing the Wessex police at the police benevolent event but he should have been thanking her.

Just a week after his surgery, waking up to see Rose smiling at him and holding his hand, they had gone back to London for Rose to get a few more things and Alec had known what it felt like to be on the receiving end of being interrogated – by her mother. When they'd arrived and after Tony had almost knocked them both over, Pete had asked her what she had planned.

"I'm gonna look after him until he goes back to work," she told her stepfather. "After that, well I was hoping I could work from ho

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