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This is the home of my Broadchurch Fanfic stories, all of which are crossovers with Doctor Who featuring the 10th Doctor, Rose Tyler and of course the dishiest Scottish detective of all time - Alec Hardy.

Some stories don't feature Rose Tyler as The Doctor's companion or as David Tennant recently finally confirmed she was his girlfriend but as just an ordinary woman who either chose not to go with him or never met him and in most cases ended up in the coastal town of Broadchurch just before or after Alec Hardy turned the town upside down and either he is gravely ill or just had his heart surgery.

All these stories can be found on but no criticism to them, their server often has periods where it goes down, usually over long holiday weekends so I wanted a central place to keep them all plus a lot are marked for over 18's only which I am changing and I wanted to bring them to a teenage audience but none of them will be suitable for under 13's (Sorry but I like the romance between Rose and Alec).

They are also published on AO3

There are no adult stories on here, they have all been edited as suitable for over 13's

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